The worth of words

Words don’t need to weigh in gold feelings must be genuine

Feelings don’t need to be always told it’s the intentions within

Intentions need assertion at times make yourself clear and loud

Genuine intentions need action as follow-up for that is what we are all about


Words don’t need to be harsh and bold coat them with gentleness

Gentleness doesn’t have to be dishonest truth can be told with finesse

Finesse needs composure indiscretion needs to be controlled

Control the tongue and rein in prejudices for that is what will weigh in gold


Words don’t need to prop up your story emotions are reflected in the eye

Eyes don’t lie even when tearing up sometimes gladness can make us cry

Happiness is our own making conditions will fine-tune in accordance

Create circumstances for happiness for that is what gives us confidence


Words don’t need to be flamboyant simplicity has lasting influence

Sometimes they can come in the way you must foster fluency in silence

This balancing act of knowing what to say and when reflects maturity

Spoken words live forever and beyond be sure you choose them carefully

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