It was tempting to join the crowd and deride

The soft-spoken introvert was the easiest to chide

Some fear of the power which rules my stars

Some old memories which would open old scars

And I got busy with my own skeletons to hide


It was tempting to join the crowd and hail

The outspoken extrovert whose lies needed bail

Some worry that the lies were getting blatant and bold

Some bewilderment at the speed at which they were sold

And I put my head down to adjust my own sail


It was tempting to join the crowd and cheer

The go-getting instagrammers who revved the fourth gear

Some wonder at when and where it will culminate

Some helplessness to audaciously carve my very fate

And I decided to own my shortcomings and steer clear


It was tempting to join the crowd who simply walked away

There were those who needed succor while mischief was at play

Some deep-seated trepidation to save and elevate the spirit

Some inherent anxiety my time will run out bit by bit

And I mustered courage enough to extend my own hands of clay


It was tempting to join the crowd and seek its protection

The crowd was intimidating defiance needed determination

Some deliberation took me on a soul searching journey

Some realization not all life was about success and money

And I gave up my own comfort zone to experience emancipation


It was tempting to join the crowd and follow the flock

So what if they flaunted cheat codes and did not walk the talk

Some hesitating steps took me from wonder to disbelief

Some realization that crowds can be toxic and I must learn to sieve

And I slowly stepped back. Of my own life I had to take stock

2 Replies to “Temptations”

  1. As salaam alaikum Farida,

    Wow! Simply beautiful! I am running out of words to do justice to your poems!

    Salaam and duas,


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