Love and hope were walking along the riverside one day

Two stalwarts on the sentimental scene to drive all gloom away

Love pronounced how blessed it felt to light up people’s lives

Just how it faces all kinds of odds and yet continues to survive

Hope simply smiled in silence wondering if love understood

How tiring it is to be eternal and keep uplifting every mood


Courage and confidence were walking along the woodland one day

Two advocates of justice and grace for which many crave and pray

Confidence was feeling buoyant at how it keeps spirits flying high

Reassuring every believer to never give up give in or cry

Courage simply sighed in reticence wondering if confidence knew

How courage must fill in each gap that lack of confidence makes askew


Ambition and gratification became friends walking along the marketplace

Two seemingly divergent personality traits which give individuality a face

Ambition was full of self-assurance counting its achievements galore

The rewards its very being gave for the one who wanted more and more

Gratification simply pondered in tranquility at the gambles ambition takes

How gratitude provides the perfect foil where ambition can make or break

3 Replies to “Inspiration”

  1. As salaam alaikum Farida,

    I am ALWAYS blown away how you come up with these beautiful concepts and then string them like a pearl necklace.

    Masha Allah! You have the soul of a poet!

    Salaam and duas,


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