Mirror mirror on the wall

I look at you, you look back in style

It always takes me quite a while

To recognize that swagger

That attitude and demeanor

It is not what is reflected deep inside

Where I often hide

From a world that pronounces judgment

You camouflage my predicament

And lie in my face

Glass so sheer you are a disgrace

I am trying to get honesties out of you

You use cheat codes I have no clue

It’s only when I am alone with myself

In a darkness that highlights the night lamp on the shelf

That I learn home truths

And realize how uncouth

You have been

I have not seen

Myself in a long time now

I no longer remember why or how

I changed along the way

Which circumstances were are play

Tweaking the mirror. Wait was it me

Why do you simply smile quietly

When I stare into your eyes

And observe that time flies

Am I looking for illumination

Or coverups and deception

Mirror mirror on the wall

You have witnessed each rise you have seen each fall

You claim to reflect only what is real

If only you understood how I feel

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