Starry mornings

Some nights were long and unending

Some stars played hide and seek

Some opinions which I kept defending

Some frailties that made me weak

It took some courage to get up one day and remove all awnings

I let the sunshine in my face and faced the starry mornings


Some attitudes were formidable and daunting

Some fears made me meek

Some moments which left me wanting

Some qualms that I refused to speak

It took some faith to get up one day and address my spirit

I let the brightness overwhelm me and I healed bit by bit


Some people were kind and caring

Some sympathies did the trick

Some encounters made me daring

Some predispositions did not vanish in a flick

It took some readiness to get up one day and refurbish my kit

I let the glare wrinkle my forehead and question my wit


Some life was privileged and predictable

Some life seemed unfair

Some environments and events were formidable

Some situations needed flair

It took some fortitude to get up one day and own my choices

I let the reflections inspire me and the possibilities became rife

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