Hello world!

Its take off time.


One day I started off to school

I don’t even remember when and how

Back then I did what I was told

I look back and wonder now

The routine route to education

Did not seem great fun somehow


One day I started off to college

With a fillip in my step

I had vague ideas of getting knowledge

But hardly any prep

A little while later it was time to acknowledge

How little it did for my rep


One day I started off to work

A whole new world to explore

Not one task did I ever shirk

Was I being naive and raw?

Work can at times drive you berserk

As expectations soar


One day I started off. And halted

LIfe had come to a circle full

I needed to know just where I faulted

Mad pace required a lull

Slowly but surely I revolted

Mass mediocrity had made me dull


Every morning you start to go

somewhere or get something

Do you really really know

What you want from the beginning?

Or are you too only part of a show

Which must go on without thinking?