Starry mornings

Some nights were long and unending

Some stars played hide and seek

Some opinions which I kept defending

Some frailties that made me weak

It took some courage to get up one day and remove all awnings

I let the sunshine in my face and faced the starry mornings


Some attitudes were formidable and daunting

Some fears made me meek

Some moments which left me wanting

Some qualms that I refused to speak

It took some faith to get up one day and address my spirit

I let the brightness overwhelm me and I healed bit by bit


Some people were kind and caring

Some sympathies did the trick

Some encounters made me daring

Some predispositions did not vanish in a flick

It took some readiness to get up one day and refurbish my kit

I let the glare wrinkle my forehead and question my wit


Some life was privileged and predictable

Some life seemed unfair

Some environments and events were formidable

Some situations needed flair

It took some fortitude to get up one day and own my choices

I let the reflections inspire me and the possibilities became rife

Mirror mirror on the wall

I look at you, you look back in style

It always takes me quite a while

To recognize that swagger

That attitude and demeanor

It is not what is reflected deep inside

Where I often hide

From a world that pronounces judgment

You camouflage my predicament

And lie in my face

Glass so sheer you are a disgrace

I am trying to get honesties out of you

You use cheat codes I have no clue

It’s only when I am alone with myself

In a darkness that highlights the night lamp on the shelf

That I learn home truths

And realize how uncouth

You have been

I have not seen

Myself in a long time now

I no longer remember why or how

I changed along the way

Which circumstances were are play

Tweaking the mirror. Wait was it me

Why do you simply smile quietly

When I stare into your eyes

And observe that time flies

Am I looking for illumination

Or coverups and deception

Mirror mirror on the wall

You have witnessed each rise you have seen each fall

You claim to reflect only what is real

If only you understood how I feel

A simple cup of tea


A simple cup of tea

How difficult can it be

Some quintessential requirements to see

How my survival can be enhanced to the T


One lady plucking leaves in the tea gardens of Ooty

Working hard day and night to provide for the family

The owner, a gentleman in his forties or fifties quite likely

Staying away from wife and children who live in the city


The leaves arrive mixed up and merry in the local factory

Where workers live for those ten-minute lunch breaks verily

Chaff and sieve and carry and heave until leaves become dusty

The workplace now wakes up to aromas that are simply heavenly


Trucks and loaders lories and drivers are set off hurriedly

Reaching the corners of the world is not a task carried out timidly

Trifling shops and giant malls with distributors acting high-handedly

Get their share of goods and get down to display the charming variety


I buy it off the shelf storing it in air-tight containers I got for free

Now all I need is some milk, a stove, a lighter, a utensil, a cup and some sorcery

Which have all come from a similar route of workers toiling hardily

So that I can sit back and enjoy in peace my daily cup of morning tea!


We take so much for granted. We don’t have time to grasp the whole story

Things at your table have compelling back stories about their trajectory

Surely some gratitude must replace any attitude we harbor so effortlessly

Little details beg for reference, how much more fortunate can we be?


Love and hope were walking along the riverside one day

Two stalwarts on the sentimental scene to drive all gloom away

Love pronounced how blessed it felt to light up people’s lives

Just how it faces all kinds of odds and yet continues to survive

Hope simply smiled in silence wondering if love understood

How tiring it is to be eternal and keep uplifting every mood


Courage and confidence were walking along the woodland one day

Two advocates of justice and grace for which many crave and pray

Confidence was feeling buoyant at how it keeps spirits flying high

Reassuring every believer to never give up give in or cry

Courage simply sighed in reticence wondering if confidence knew

How courage must fill in each gap that lack of confidence makes askew


Ambition and gratification became friends walking along the marketplace

Two seemingly divergent personality traits which give individuality a face

Ambition was full of self-assurance counting its achievements galore

The rewards its very being gave for the one who wanted more and more

Gratification simply pondered in tranquility at the gambles ambition takes

How gratitude provides the perfect foil where ambition can make or break


As I pass the window of a grand shopping mall

I recollect the days when I could not afford it all

Today with ability on my fingertips

I must have more gratitude on my lips

Realizing as through my belongings and blessings I sift

Abundance is a gift!


As I observe the woes around me I begin to comprehend

I recollect the many things given to me as Godsend

Today with ability to brave the pains

I must have more appreciation for the gains

Realizing as through my experiences that sting

Abundance is a blessing


As I relish the profusion of each day and its fruits

I recollect the hard work of those who planted the roots

Today as the extra baggage gets heavier

I must give back more than I gather

Realizing as through my many resources I frisk

Abundance is a risk!


As I go through social stratums and note the who’s who

I recollect the many who could not make it or get their due

Today it is possible success goes to my head

I must be more cautious on how I tread

Realizing as I maneuver through warrens filled with danger

Abundance is a game changer!

Many happy returns of life

The toughest the hardest the most beautiful of all

Is a soft smile on the edge of the lips that hides each fall

You may think you know somebody from the laughter you hear

But tip of the iceberg deceives so well you never notice the tear


The simplest the quietest the most sturdiest amongst feelings

Is inconspicuous care that quietly helps in healing

You may never realize the extent to which it can mend and repair

But if there is one action that keeps the world in motion it is care


The harshest the bitterest the most rashest of all reaction

Is a foolish temper that destroys the very fiber of emotion

You may either control your rage or be consumed by it

But anyone capable of angering you becomes your master bit by bit


The coolest the sincerest the most basic of all consciousness

Is a kind heart that knows hurt and still responds with gentleness

You may be vulnerable you may believe fortitude is a quality for the sage

But vulnerability is not our weakness it is our accurate measure of courage


The strangest the oldest the most avoidable of all sentiment

Is unfounded jealousy that indulges in loose talk for ears you lent

You may not believe everything you hear you may learn how to sieve

But at the table which speaks evil of others you are the topic when you leave

Myself. And some

Some dreams are scattered across incomplete skies

Some feelings that mattered hinge on partial lies

The world around me is daunting and demanding

Some confidences are battered even when the spirit tries


Seasons change color and moods tag along for fun

Society alters silhouettes once their work is done

The world around me expects exactitude and passion

Sentiments carry the weight of hope under the sun


Some expectations are building up on rocky foundations

Some passions are attached to them for restorations

The world around me extracts promises and pledges

Some folks are judging me for my lack of perfections


Fragments of memory are strewn in the room

Petrichor whiffing past takes with it the gloom

The world around me affects outlooks and dialogue

Pain hovers on the edge of recall like a rogue


Some optimism is required to go past the sting

Some prayer to give add on power to each wing

The world around me is elusive and illusory

Some real time dreams some faraway realities need jugglery

Some times…

Sometimes the words and lines are labored

Sometimes they flow with the tide

Sometimes perspectives and attitudes are savored

Sometimes there are rules to abide

In the labyrinth of sentiments tread with soft feet

Words and attitudes pitch like arrows you cannot retreat


Sometimes the paths and spaces are constricted

Sometimes they are open and wide

Some access to emotions is restricted

Sometimes you are simply tongue-tied

In the intricacy of sentimentality beware of heartbreak

The world will move on nonetheless the heart does a double take


Sometimes views and beliefs are blinkered

Sometimes they are bonafide

Some thoughts get twisted and tinkered

Some ideas remain untried

In the warren of judgements keep away from prejudice

Empathies must be impartial to do real justice


Sometimes family and friends have your back

Sometimes they take you for a ride

Sometimes they make up for what you lack

Some feelings have simply died

In the tangle of relationships you must infuse compassion

In every give and take you do suffuse some more passion


Sometimes situations and surroundings are perfect

Sometimes you have grieved and cried

Some experiences have lasting impact

Some expectations and hopes have lied

In the snare of social skills you can’t recant like a coward

You must stand up and learn how to put your best foot forward

Kairos – The Opportunist

Opportunities have this exquisite habit of treading softly along

It takes a discerning eye to catch it you cannot get it for a song

The importance of ceasing the moment cannot be stressed enough

It does take a little more than luck and you cannot buy it off the cuff


Subtle. Elusive. Almost out of sight. The true nature of Kairos

The idea is to recognize it at liftoff and latch on to it like a boss

The importance of ceasing the moment cannot be stressed enough

Moments are ephemeral and you are made of sterner stuff!


Grasping at each straw approaches may be raw still need of the hour

A bunch of excuses missed opportunities valid reasons will turn sour

The importance of ceasing the moment cannot be stressed enough

Ceasing can denote a full stop at times and you are born to be tough


It is the number of times you tried and not the count of victories

That define your success whether or not the world agrees

The importance of ceasing the moment cannot be stressed enough

Stress is tackled in the mindscape and you can indeed handle rough


The stealth of every opportunity has strength of an energy behind it

Place your faith in the force don’t give up or be lured you can find it

The importance of ceasing the moment cannot be stressed enough

Close your eyes trust the process and you can call off Lucifer’s bluff

The search

I sat down one day to rearrange my many stray thoughts

There was one strain in common I realized as I linked the dots

They all led me away from regular routines and humdrum

They only gave me pointers never solved my conundrum


No single point to start no definite road to freedom

The fog on the roadmap stopped me from claiming fiefdom

I trudged along the mindscape in search of divine direction

When all I had to do was introspection instead of inaction


Some stray ones wandered away into the overthinking zone

Some thoughts did not belong I had mustered them on loan

Being me was not easy I was this assortment of prejudices

Honed by public opinions and rulings cognizance was in crisis


The backlog pressed and pushed for place now it was time

To sift old ideas out of the head and keep the ones sublime

This minimalism would lead to paucity of thought I suspected

But discarding old beliefs benefitted my space was now respected


The thoughts realigned themselves once I sorted my sentiments

The sentiments then infused some courage in my rearmaments

My search itself was my answer my reactions sought redressal

Each thought was gaining in strength too formidable to fizzle