As I pass the window of a grand shopping mall

I recollect the days when I could not afford it all

Today with ability on my fingertips

I must have more gratitude on my lips

Realizing as through my belongings and blessings I sift

Abundance is a gift!


As I observe the woes around me I begin to comprehend

I recollect the many things given to me as Godsend

Today with ability to brave the pains

I must have more appreciation for the gains

Realizing as through my experiences that sting

Abundance is a blessing


As I relish the profusion of each day and its fruits

I recollect the hard work of those who planted the roots

Today as the extra baggage gets heavier

I must give back more than I gather

Realizing as through my many resources I frisk

Abundance is a risk!


As I go through social stratums and note the who’s who

I recollect the many who could not make it or get their due

Today it is possible success goes to my head

I must be more cautious on how I tread

Realizing as I maneuver through warrens filled with danger

Abundance is a game changer!

One Reply to “Abundance”

  1. As salaam alaikum Farida,

    Awesome as always, SubhanAllah!

    However, I was wondering why did you say that abundance is a risk. I couldn’t comprehend it. Tube light here 😅.

    Salaam and duas,


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