Long walks slow twilights dusky memories

Chilled coffee an exciting book and some time on lease

Petrichor lingering in the senses florets playing with dew

Autumn changing color of moods rainbows reviewing each hue

Certain things in life have price tags some simply have value


Good friends peals of laughter animated discussions

Precious theatre tickets with a special concession

Sepia toned by-lanes where we played with abandon

Grave colloquies that finished off with frivolous midnight fun

Certain things in life have depth even when there seems none


Forgotten moments revived with a visit to the attic

Faded photographs precious autographs and time becomes static

If I could turn the hands of the clock how far would I rewind

If I could change some things from the past what would I leave behind

Certain things in life have consequence it is reconciliation I must find


Bare necessities curated luxuries intangible advantages

Some pleasures are so fleeting some ache is for the ages

A mixed bag of attitudes and options a rollercoaster ride

Falling failing recovering reviving with God as the only guide

Certain things in life have forever timespans transient lives lied


Simple pleasures complicated relations intentions that faltered

Personalities peculiarities purposes and plans getting altered

A genuine act of kindness which has far reaching repercussions

A careless instant of callousness that can’t be undone with rectifications

Certain things in life have impact certain lives have impact on generations

A simple cup of tea


A simple cup of tea

How difficult can it be

Some quintessential requirements to see

How my survival can be enhanced to the T


One lady plucking leaves in the tea gardens of Ooty

Working hard day and night to provide for the family

The owner, a gentleman in his forties or fifties quite likely

Staying away from wife and children who live in the city


The leaves arrive mixed up and merry in the local factory

Where workers live for those ten-minute lunch breaks verily

Chaff and sieve and carry and heave until leaves become dusty

The workplace now wakes up to aromas that are simply heavenly


Trucks and loaders lories and drivers are set off hurriedly

Reaching the corners of the world is not a task carried out timidly

Trifling shops and giant malls with distributors acting high-handedly

Get their share of goods and get down to display the charming variety


I buy it off the shelf storing it in air-tight containers I got for free

Now all I need is some milk, a stove, a lighter, a utensil, a cup and some sorcery

Which have all come from a similar route of workers toiling hardily

So that I can sit back and enjoy in peace my daily cup of morning tea!


We take so much for granted. We don’t have time to grasp the whole story

Things at your table have compelling back stories about their trajectory

Surely some gratitude must replace any attitude we harbor so effortlessly

Little details beg for reference, how much more fortunate can we be?


Love and hope were walking along the riverside one day

Two stalwarts on the sentimental scene to drive all gloom away

Love pronounced how blessed it felt to light up people’s lives

Just how it faces all kinds of odds and yet continues to survive

Hope simply smiled in silence wondering if love understood

How tiring it is to be eternal and keep uplifting every mood


Courage and confidence were walking along the woodland one day

Two advocates of justice and grace for which many crave and pray

Confidence was feeling buoyant at how it keeps spirits flying high

Reassuring every believer to never give up give in or cry

Courage simply sighed in reticence wondering if confidence knew

How courage must fill in each gap that lack of confidence makes askew


Ambition and gratification became friends walking along the marketplace

Two seemingly divergent personality traits which give individuality a face

Ambition was full of self-assurance counting its achievements galore

The rewards its very being gave for the one who wanted more and more

Gratification simply pondered in tranquility at the gambles ambition takes

How gratitude provides the perfect foil where ambition can make or break

The worth of words

Words don’t need to weigh in gold feelings must be genuine

Feelings don’t need to be always told it’s the intentions within

Intentions need assertion at times make yourself clear and loud

Genuine intentions need action as follow-up for that is what we are all about


Words don’t need to be harsh and bold coat them with gentleness

Gentleness doesn’t have to be dishonest truth can be told with finesse

Finesse needs composure indiscretion needs to be controlled

Control the tongue and rein in prejudices for that is what will weigh in gold


Words don’t need to prop up your story emotions are reflected in the eye

Eyes don’t lie even when tearing up sometimes gladness can make us cry

Happiness is our own making conditions will fine-tune in accordance

Create circumstances for happiness for that is what gives us confidence


Words don’t need to be flamboyant simplicity has lasting influence

Sometimes they can come in the way you must foster fluency in silence

This balancing act of knowing what to say and when reflects maturity

Spoken words live forever and beyond be sure you choose them carefully


You don’t always have to feel defenseless. Nor go for the kill

You don’t always have to tell your side of the story. Time will

You don’t always have to defend your point of view. The task is uphill

You don’t always have to feel lesser. Or try to fit the bill

When you have the confidence don’t let chauvinisms upset

Remember when you are a threat you are always a target


You don’t always have to impress. Nor constantly strive

You don’t always have to fulfil expectations. Or feel deprived

You don’t always have to seek acceptance with a need to arrive

You don’t always have to be in the limelight as if on camera live

When you have the faith don’t let people make you a puppet

Remember when you have the courage you can bite the bullet


You don’t always have to be at your best. Some days can be uneven

You don’t always have to be flawless. Genuine mistakes can be forgiven

You don’t always have to be indefatigable. You don’t always have to be driven

You don’t always have to put your best foot forward. Afterall you are human

When you have the resolve don’t let little things dampen your spirit

Remember when you bring your own sunshine the path will always be lit

Excuse me please!

Please excuse me if I don’t remember your number or name

I keep my memories up in a cloud I am not to blame

Some eternities ago we had this little black book

We called it telephone diary in which every nook

Had some name and number noted in pen and pencil

We would memorize and recall much of it at will

Today I cannot remember my own mobile number

Cities and phones are getting smarter I am getting dumber


Please excuse me if I claim Africa is in Asia

For most of my knowledge these days I rely on Alexa

Some epochs ago we had this big colorful book

Countries mountains rivers and seas we knew from one look

We called it an Atlas and we relished our geography

Given today’s politics compiling it currently would be catastrophe

Today I only visit places where Google is functional

Using my own brains or skills has now become optional


Please excuse me if I cannot understand your feelings

I still communicate in person and with word in all my dealings

Some eons ago we had this message-filled book

Full of memories and moments for every sign we took

We called it Autograph book and gave it to family and friends

Their comments invited love laughter fun and frolic to no end

Today emojis and acronyms have changed the syntax of language

And with it the syntax of emotions I have little proficiency and usage


Please excuse me if I don’t recognize your photographs

You have polished photoshopped selfies mine look like rough drafts

Some ages ago we had this photo-filled book

Of trips weddings birthdays relatives visitors strangers even the cook

We called it photo albums and it was a visual treat

Revisiting old celebrations and events in a heartbeat

Today we have unlimited pictures stored in laptops and mobiles

I am standing at the crossroads still technology has traversed miles

Some times…

Sometimes the words and lines are labored

Sometimes they flow with the tide

Sometimes perspectives and attitudes are savored

Sometimes there are rules to abide

In the labyrinth of sentiments tread with soft feet

Words and attitudes pitch like arrows you cannot retreat


Sometimes the paths and spaces are constricted

Sometimes they are open and wide

Some access to emotions is restricted

Sometimes you are simply tongue-tied

In the intricacy of sentimentality beware of heartbreak

The world will move on nonetheless the heart does a double take


Sometimes views and beliefs are blinkered

Sometimes they are bonafide

Some thoughts get twisted and tinkered

Some ideas remain untried

In the warren of judgements keep away from prejudice

Empathies must be impartial to do real justice


Sometimes family and friends have your back

Sometimes they take you for a ride

Sometimes they make up for what you lack

Some feelings have simply died

In the tangle of relationships you must infuse compassion

In every give and take you do suffuse some more passion


Sometimes situations and surroundings are perfect

Sometimes you have grieved and cried

Some experiences have lasting impact

Some expectations and hopes have lied

In the snare of social skills you can’t recant like a coward

You must stand up and learn how to put your best foot forward

Bits and parts

Can we help a neighbor without prejudice or din

Extend unconditional support to our kith and kin

Can we remain honest when everyone else is practicing guile

In the midst of aches and acrimonies can we retain our smile

Then maybe we have learnt how to balance heart and mind

In bits and parts at least learnt the definition of mankind


When we come across boorish motorists do we control road rage

Pay their doctor’s bill if our domestics are ill instead of cutting wage

Can we uplift one single life and educate the street urchin

In the midst of fears and suspicions can we infuse hope he is searching

Then maybe we have realized how to ignite real passion

In bits and parts at least learnt the meaning of compassion


Everyone you know is fighting their own battle can we align empathy

Forget our worries for a while and provide genuine sympathy

Can we open our minds and hearts without considering ‘help’ a bother

In the midst of fears and suspicions can we trust one another

Then maybe we have grasped how to stem to hatred and greed

In bits and parts at least learnt how to navigate desire and need


Can we give freedom to our children offer  guidance then let them be

Can we own up to our own faults instead of imparting advice for free

Can we generously compliment good work sans bias or self-interest

In the midst of fears and suspicions can we simply be our best

Then maybe we have understood how the soul factory works

In bits and parts at least learnt how and where Lucifer always lurks

Childhood memories

I am talking of an age perhaps not so long ago

A mere million years I guess after the dinosaur

When we were in school and school was fun

We were given homework and it was not a burden

We went on the playgrounds and ran for real

Water was for free and we would freely share a meal


I am talking of an era some decades before today

Man had stepped on the moon where he did not weigh

When we used to read books and books were fun

We visited libraries for more when we were done

Imagination soared past the pages without boundaries

I could own my dreams and reveries without any worries


I am talking of a time when time was not as expensive

Some of it was actually free the cost was relative

When we went for movies and movies were fun

Tickets were affordable popcorn did not have us undone

Technicolor cinema with black and white documentaries

Three hours in a theatre where time would often freeze


I am talking of some years ago yet it feels like thousands more

It seems like only yesterday it sounds like folklore

When we were kids and we could remain kids without guilt

I don’t know why and when we gave our kids this world we built

Racing against time contesting with friends procuring futures

Where have we left behind those simple routines we nurtured


I am talking of yesterday as if it was too good to be true

It might sound as one-sided without giving today its due

When we got away with being naïve and minimal was fun

Food competition and air was healthy we were not always on the run

Today inventions and innovations have accomplished abundance

Intelligence has become artificial but emotions are still dense


I am talking less and less nowadays I am getting out of touch

Google and Wikipedia know it all nothing left to know as such

When we were in school playground movies and our homes

We were a lot dafter believing in Santa Claus and gnomes

Today we have superior cutting-edge lifestyles no doubt

We can now store our own memories up in a cloud

5 minutes

Give yourself a special five minutes each day

For every little burden you carry there will be a way

One deep breath two alternate solutions and a count till three

The fourth minute will approach and you begin to see

In that quiet space of time how much can be resolved

No anger no overthinking and already you have evolved


Give your family a special five minutes each day

To listen and not hear just let them have their say

One reason two sides of a conversation and a count till three

The fourth minute will bring harmony and you begin to see

In that quality time you spent with those who love you

How we are all in it together with much to relish and little to rue


Give your best friend a special five minutes each day

It gives the spirits a little fillip and the shine of a sunny ray

One celebration two chalices in hand and a count till three

The fourth minute will spell out fun and you begin to see

In that cherished moment how much a friend can elevate

The moods the joys the memories enhancing your palate


Give your soul a special five minutes each day

Delve into some introspection understand how to pray

One grace two things to thank for and a count till three

The fourth minute you will be overwhelmed by the bounty

Gratitude for what you have begets more and more

Each thankyou and every acquittal transform the very core