I borrowed some time from time itself it was affordable

Until I realized I must use it up fast time is not refundable

Life was smooth on auto pilot mode I relished the comfort zone

Until time overtook my strides I recalled my time was on loan

I sought direction and quickly learnt it needed suitable intention

To prioritize my schedule or schedule my priorities that was the question


I rented some breaths from life itself it was reasonable

Until I realized how precious it was each breath could be final

Progression was smooth without thought or mood suffused in it

Until each instance that passed by was slackening me bit by bit

I sought direction once again anticipating divine intervention

To wait in the wings or to make it happen that was the question


I chartered some paths from the journey itself it was practical

Until I realized I must own my choices trajectories are unpredictable

The roads were uneven yet eventless even as I maneuvered with calm

Until I grasped I was missing out on the excitement and charm

I sought direction from within this time giving my feelings attention

To be brave and conscientious both or pick easy that was the question


I leased some emotions from the heart itself it was sensible

Until I realized I still hurt easily spirit and soul are vulnerable

Passions and desires were synchronized with composure

Until I faced the real world and was affected by the exposure

I sought direction from pundits and professionals for prevention

To stay soft in the head or harden the heart that was the question



Mirror mirror on the wall

I look at you, you look back in style

It always takes me quite a while

To recognize that swagger

That attitude and demeanor

It is not what is reflected deep inside

Where I often hide

From a world that pronounces judgment

You camouflage my predicament

And lie in my face

Glass so sheer you are a disgrace

I am trying to get honesties out of you

You use cheat codes I have no clue

It’s only when I am alone with myself

In a darkness that highlights the night lamp on the shelf

That I learn home truths

And realize how uncouth

You have been

I have not seen

Myself in a long time now

I no longer remember why or how

I changed along the way

Which circumstances were are play

Tweaking the mirror. Wait was it me

Why do you simply smile quietly

When I stare into your eyes

And observe that time flies

Am I looking for illumination

Or coverups and deception

Mirror mirror on the wall

You have witnessed each rise you have seen each fall

You claim to reflect only what is real

If only you understood how I feel


From ten meters away people will judge your appearances

Dress well, walk with confidence, fine-tune your senses

It is not as if you must live to impress the world around

It is for your own self-esteem a feel-good aura to surround


From ten feet away people will judge your temperament

Wear the smile, win the hearts, being worthy is achievement

It is not as if you must live to influence all those you encounter

It is for your own validation and some skepticisms to counter


From ten inches away and with the first ten words you say

Remember all chimeras and illusions you will drive away

‘Well-intentioned’ may not suffice, well-honed will be scrutinized

The spoken word is bespoke of you and how you are apprised


From ten minutes into a conversation to ten years of friendship

Your honesty and integrity will withstand all storms in a relationship

Some rules are golden, some gold is imitation and the heart is aware

You be the best self you can be. As for the rest let the universe take care

Over the top

Overthinking may be a fault I do it by default

Whenever the gut rings alarm bells I halt

And retreat. Perchance I don’t take chances

Missing out on some thrills the rains those dances

I still prefer my querencia

My safeguards and my fear


Introversion may be a hindrance I can feel the difference

Whenever I intermix in unfamiliar gatherings I become tense

And withdraw. Perhaps it not as intimidating

Meeting the world at large can be enlightening

I still prefer my sanctuary

My corner and my coterie


Forthrightness may be a mistake I admit I often make

I can endeavor to learn tact I cannot handle fake

And flattery. Maybe diplomacy is an art

Such savoir-faire can often give you head start

I still prefer my retreat

My candidness and my discreet


Out of the box choices may be naïve I sometimes strive

To cherry pick some cheat codes my selections I sieve

And research. Possibly time-honored methods have reason

Traditional is frequently flaunted as flavor of the season

I still prefer my preserve

My tryouts and my reserve

Things I should have….

The lessons I should have learnt

The keepsakes I should have burnt

The attitudes I should have preserved

The responses I should have deserved

The emotions I should have erased

The baggage I should have shed with every phase

The people I should have treasured

The value of things I should have measured

I am standing at crossroads looking at the skies

I am appraising a lifetime and time just flies


The aptitudes I should have learnt

The behaviors I should have burnt

The traditions I should have preserved

The approvals I should have deserved

The pessimisms I should have erased

The assurance I should have acquired with every phase

The memories I should have treasured

The worth of relations I should have measured

I am looking back with some qualm some wisdom

I am looking forward to a well-informed freedom


The balances I should have learnt

The reluctances I should have burnt

The confidence I should have preserved

The direction I should have deserved

The cynicism I should have erased

The faith I should have gained with every phase

The genuineness I should have treasured

The merit of truth I should have measured

I am walking with the multitude and I am alone

I am dwelling on my solitude setting a new tone


The languages I should have learnt

The verbiage I should have burnt

The nuances I should have preserved

The understandings I should have deserved

The arrogances I should have erased

The bent I should have added with every phase

The mystique I should have treasured

The quality of life I should have measured

I am alive stumbling recovering hurting and healing

I am work in progress filled with familiarities and feeling


Some words spoken were such that the silence froze

Some hearts broken were touched and the phoenix arose

Some flashes became memories only because we chose

Some smiles remained unbroken yet the wound still shows


If we learn to live in openness sans judgments and expectancies

If we learn to live in the moment in place of reminiscences


Conditions will always change you continue to walk the mile

Clothes and accessories will not impress if you don’t wear your smile

Your journey reflects your attitude let the acquiring take a while

Choose elegance over arrogance elegance never goes out of style


If we learn to live with honesties there will be no time for guile

If we learn to live with empathy our benevolence will beguile


We are swayed by public opinions and awestruck by brands

We build castles in the air with foundation in the sands

We fight over territories clutching on to invisible strands

We worry about statuses and standings while relation disbands


If we learn to live in harmony if we simply join hands?

If we learn to live in kindness a language everyone understands?

Every day

Every day we encounter a different set of rays

The sun continues relentlessly in its shining ways

Clouds will come and clouds will pass

One thing I have learnt no storms last

I need patience to wait it out

Some courage some faith that is what it is about

Every day we experience a new heart break

Some strangers support you some friends are fake

People will come and people will go

One thing I have learnt is to go slow

I need perceptiveness to read intentions

Some care some compassion to balance emotions

Every day we adjust to diverse circumstances

So many things and peoples act as influences

Conditions may be static and conditions may alter

One thing I have learnt is not to falter

I need ability to adapt to change

Some perseverance some daring to handle strange

Every day we outgrow our old self

Adding new aspects to traits off the shelf

Character is what one is in the dark

One thing I have learnt is to preserve the spark

I need an attitude that does not let me down

Some smiles some optimism to wipe out the frown

Parent – the verb

Once upon a time ‘parent’ used to be a noun

Today such passive connotation makes us frown

‘Parent’ is something we must ‘do’ ceaselessly

Or so we have come to believe erroneously


The apple of our eye must win every competition

A tiny fall from the bicycle needs instant resurrection

The center of our universe is given sweeping attention

We cannot allow them to feel a single uncomfortable emotion


They must excel in school in skating chess and spelling bee

Doing nothing is forgotten art they can never be kept free

The lovely golden cages we built from high expectations

Somewhere points to our obsession to meddle with creation


An online game teaches them how history and geography looks

Even as adult dogmas frenetically change the textbooks

They have access to plethora of information on Internet

We parents continue to believe it is our duty to fix and set


If you allow them their own mistakes they will learn to get up again

To teach them empathy and compassion let them experience pain

Don’t do the fishing for them just give them ability

And if you give them freedom do teach them responsibility


Love rejection success disappointment highs and lows to juggle

We have denied one thing to our children – the ability to struggle

Real people fail fall and move on without drama and blame

We want a perfect production which is both brilliant and tame


You do not have to give them each and everything they lack

Just love them enough to let them know you have their back

The onus lies on us alone it’s no subtle implication

We have fashioned an over parented and under protected generation



The rainbow on the moon


Tribulations and prudence. Hurts and forgiveness

Power over the defenseless. Potency and weakness

Enrages and energies held tightly in my fist.

How do I resist

From not tipping the balance in favor of prejudice

Being becomes intriguing on a precipice

I think I simply continue to insist

That smile which reached the eyes reveals my gist


Two worlds. Cut up in a million pieces

Thoughts and feelings. Explained away in some thesis

Space will suffocate. Realities will restrict. My spell will vanish soon

I scramble up impossible palings to catch the rainbow on the moon

I know it exists. My gut tells me to hold on to the belief

I will find a person who concurs. One endorsement too is relief

Imagination suffers chained to real-world skepticism

A risk must be taken to jump over the schism


Heart and head. I trip over my ego my spirit seems to know

Words choke even when feelings flow

Pouring optimism through my veins is taking toll

The mirror keeps reminding me of my role

Should I learn to ignore

Social affronts keep coming to the fore

So many heartbreaks the heart has become unbreakable

Will I hurt still when roles become reversible


I hear the colors now. I sense the nuanced frowns

In the expectancies of the idols so many smiles drown

A sky full of faith steadies the ground below my feet

Run me down as much as you can I still feel upbeat

There is this thin almost unseeable line

Beyond which everything is fine

You stick to your predictabilities

My challenge is to cherry-pick capabilities




Today I might not be able to achieve my dreams

Today I might find myself tired and breaking at the seams

This is not the be all and end all of it

Hope will repair the conundrum bit by bit

Tomorrow I will get up and get back to work

My dreams are not for giving up and I will not shirk


Today I might not be able to change your opinion

Today I might not be able to convince you I am genuine

This does not mean I am bound by your judgement

I must remain true to myself and resolve the predicament

Tomorrow I will prove my worth and authenticity

My character cannot be compromised for complicity


Today I might not be able to put my best foot forward

Today I might not be able to flaunt attitude or be heard

This does not mean I am underprepared

I am simply being careful evaluating how I fared

Tomorrow I will learn from previous experiences

My attitude will take shape sharpening nuances


Today I might not look accomplished and clever

Today I might not be able to please everyone forever

This does not mean that I lack the skill

I will choose the option of being compliant at will

Tomorrow I will grow mature and wise

My wisdom will then lead me to flourish and rise


Today I might not be able to do a lot of things

Today I might not be able to grow my wings

This does not mean I cannot soar

I have courage to continue and faith at the core

Tomorrow I will become what I started out to be

Tomorrow will come I know. When did I say it was easy