Long walks slow twilights dusky memories

Chilled coffee an exciting book and some time on lease

Petrichor lingering in the senses florets playing with dew

Autumn changing color of moods rainbows reviewing each hue

Certain things in life have price tags some simply have value


Good friends peals of laughter animated discussions

Precious theatre tickets with a special concession

Sepia toned by-lanes where we played with abandon

Grave colloquies that finished off with frivolous midnight fun

Certain things in life have depth even when there seems none


Forgotten moments revived with a visit to the attic

Faded photographs precious autographs and time becomes static

If I could turn the hands of the clock how far would I rewind

If I could change some things from the past what would I leave behind

Certain things in life have consequence it is reconciliation I must find


Bare necessities curated luxuries intangible advantages

Some pleasures are so fleeting some ache is for the ages

A mixed bag of attitudes and options a rollercoaster ride

Falling failing recovering reviving with God as the only guide

Certain things in life have forever timespans transient lives lied


Simple pleasures complicated relations intentions that faltered

Personalities peculiarities purposes and plans getting altered

A genuine act of kindness which has far reaching repercussions

A careless instant of callousness that can’t be undone with rectifications

Certain things in life have impact certain lives have impact on generations


If I am to seek knowledge I must be prepared

Knowledge gives power the ego must be repaired

When knowing is not accompanied by humility

That expertise and experience begets but futility


If I am to seek wealth I must learn to spend well

Wealth gives influence the mind must dwell

When money is not expended for the good of all

That fortune and affluence will only cause downfall


If I am to seek authority I must know how to face

Rebel and naysayers with dignity and grace

When clout is not used with mellowness and caution

That muscle and power brings forth dangerous options


If I am to seek affinities I must instill empathy

Relationships cannot last on mirth or sympathy

When the bonding is superficial and the space is forced

That connection cannot bring joy the magic is lost


If I am to seek friendships I must be ready to let go

Individual idiosyncrasies must be ignored for it to grow

When camaraderie is not combined with genuineness

That friendship will break your heart leaving you in a mess


If I am to seek peace and quiet I must imbibe patience

Ups and downs will come and go I must develop endurance

When equanimity is practiced the base must be gratitude

That calm and poise will dissipate with the wrong attitude


If I am to seek Nirvana I must infuse simplicity to live

Not empty talk but to actually give and to forgive

When satisfaction becomes way of life and anger is absent

That bliss and harmony will synchronize past and present

Parent – the verb

Once upon a time ‘parent’ used to be a noun

Today such passive connotation makes us frown

‘Parent’ is something we must ‘do’ ceaselessly

Or so we have come to believe erroneously


The apple of our eye must win every competition

A tiny fall from the bicycle needs instant resurrection

The center of our universe is given sweeping attention

We cannot allow them to feel a single uncomfortable emotion


They must excel in school in skating chess and spelling bee

Doing nothing is forgotten art they can never be kept free

The lovely golden cages we built from high expectations

Somewhere points to our obsession to meddle with creation


An online game teaches them how history and geography looks

Even as adult dogmas frenetically change the textbooks

They have access to plethora of information on Internet

We parents continue to believe it is our duty to fix and set


If you allow them their own mistakes they will learn to get up again

To teach them empathy and compassion let them experience pain

Don’t do the fishing for them just give them ability

And if you give them freedom do teach them responsibility


Love rejection success disappointment highs and lows to juggle

We have denied one thing to our children – the ability to struggle

Real people fail fall and move on without drama and blame

We want a perfect production which is both brilliant and tame


You do not have to give them each and everything they lack

Just love them enough to let them know you have their back

The onus lies on us alone it’s no subtle implication

We have fashioned an over parented and under protected generation



My God and me

God is not checking your bank balance

He is checking your faith

He does not give you dreams that match your budget

He is asking you to wait

Time has its own mind and carefully reveals each plan

Faith has its own strength when God is testing man


God is not giving you what you want always

He is giving you what you need

He does not lay constraint on any of your choices

He has simply sown the seed

Freedom has its own caveat and includes culpability

The seed inside you must be nourished into a Mind tree


God is not asking you to be afraid and cower

He is unfolding your intention

His openhandedness knows no boundary

He is seeking your attention

Love has this infinite power to live faultlessly

Love not fear is the key to attain entirety


God is not wanting you to try harder

He is asking you to trust deeper

He sustains a blue dot moving around a ball of fire

He need not give proof to a believer

The miracle of life itself can show you the way

The biggest gift of all is the ability to pray


God is not telling you to be perfect

He is perfectly aware of your every flaw

He gives and forgives nonetheless

And if that does not instill humility and awe

Then His omniscience is not for you

His omnipresence is for the unquestioning few




Errors approved

I was quick to judge a wrong done unto me

And dismiss off the act as malicious as it could be

Until one day I realized it is not always so

The frenemy does not even bother to crosscheck and go

They were actually in the midst of their own little battles

And in the bargain ended up indulging in useless tattles


I was under the impression that the public at large

Tends towards a tendency to push shove and barge

When their own interests are at sea and in danger

I would scuttle back in my world and hide in my manger

Until one day I realized they are rudderless as well

There is so much pretense going around it is hard to tell


I was always afraid of so much – brashness belief opinion

In front of crowds I felt like an inconsequential minion

Until I realized the error of my ways and thinking

For confidence enough to look in the eye without blinking

I must search strength within not look for backing outside

I must trust my own findings putting public opinion aside


Missteps are a process not necessarily wrong or right

The idea is to correct them not be ready to pick up a fight

Whether I offended someone or someone pulled off a con

I must be prepared to apologize and move on

In between breathing oxygen and breathing out CO2

Life teaches you how mistakes can be worthwhile too



A little more giving for everyone

A little more forgiving for a wrong done

I don’t know whether it is time or age

But experience has certainly made me sage


A little more empathy can go very far

A little more compassion is need of the hour

I know it is easier said than done

But if it was easy where is the fun?


A little more learning of brand new skills

A little more rising above run-of-the-mills

I try to balance tradition with trend

But I have ways which I have to mend


A little more thinking before speaking up

A little more useful a little less gupshup

I need not attempt to be God of small things

But it gives me a high even if I can’t grow wings


A little more love to keep the conscience clear

A little more courage to keep away all fear

I get intimidated by expectations of societies

But I must learn to defend my personal priorities





Incomplete without You

I am but one. I have many emotions

Ideas teeming in the head. Several notions

My palate is full. Different portions

My lineage is impressive. Enough relations

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


How much I accomplish. How much I achieve

How much I give and how much I receive

How the world sees me and what I perceive

Some experiences give me hope. Some deceive

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


So many struggles to gain success

So many pains to increase happiness

So many new thoughts to reflect and embrace

So many dreams to fulfil and witness

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


In the face of adversities, I look up for defense

I sometimes find you watching me, sitting on the fence

I feel betrayed but I never give up. I stay tense

I begin to believe I will not need you hence

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


Until slowly I realize. How you let me be on my own

I reach for the skies for another dawn. Over the horizon

With each new act a seed is sown. A confidence grown

Even as I am thrown out of my comfort zone

You are the essence. I am complete without You. In You

A prayer

When you give me one thing be sure to take away two

More than I can handle less than I can rue


When you give me money be sure I lack pride

Humility will be the key to sail over rough tide


When you give me power be sure it doesn’t intoxicate

Feet on ground heart in place ensure matters don’t complicate


When you give me success be sure of my depth and clarity

Crowns don’t sit well on empty heads first let me gain maturity


When you give me failure be sure it’s accompanied by hope

That should get me going again ready to cope


When you give me hope be sure it’s supplemented by strength

So that I can go the mile and cover the entire length


When you give me kindness be sure to see where I tread

Lest I ignore the deserving uncared for and unfed


When you give me laughter be sure it’s with a pinch of salt

My laughter must never be pointed at someone even by default


When you give me sadness be sure I have learnt the lessons

I can bear material losses I must not lose the essence


We are scared of so many things

Society and what the world will say

Idols, if you have forgotten to pray

Herds when you have not joined the fray

What about songs that brighten up a sky so gray

Sshh…quieten the heart that sings


We are vexed with so many things

Expectations that have fallen short

Plans that you had to abort

Non-issues you continue to court

Issues that you refuse to sort

Looking away from all that life brings


We are lusting after so many things

Comforts and clout and material wealth

Cunning and craftiness guile and stealth

Superfluous control over cards already dealt

Often at the cost of our own health

Ignoring the familiar bell that rings


We are fuming over so many things

Mad traffic bad parking poor civic sense

Ego trips beefed up bodies minds so dense

No empathy no sympathy no common sense

“It’s my life” is the lame defense

Just let go of all that to which one clings



We are running after the wrong things

Our wants are many our needs are few

From Pharaohs and Kings, we can take cue

What you amass is what you will rue

Debt ridden lives have to pay their due

The lighter you are the more potent the wings



We are given a life to set right all things

Be agreeable be honest be simple be kind

To the fault of others simply turn blind

No grouse no complaints no axe to grind

Endeavor to find some peace of mind

Romance with being don’t flirt with flings!



The canvas of the universe is dark black

Not because of lesser stars or the lack

Of light. Or shining. But merely by being

Itself. It’s very character defies seeing

Or believing


When a single ray of the sun breaks

Through a dusky dawn and wakes

Up half a world. A glow silently moves

Conquering space, seeping in the groove

Opening a treasure trove


Another soundless dominance called wind

Canters alongside breezily. Gentle. Kind

It carries life within itself and yet

Do we even realize its presence set

In each breath


Time begins. A giant cyclical wheel rolling

The avalanche of life gets going, snowballing

Into another day. Is there a way

Of knowing purpose or holding sway

On mud and clay


The boundless seamless vastness there is

Speaks of a freedom given on lease

Was I accident? Was I willed

An empty canvas? A mind filled

Or a soul healed