A simple cup of tea


A simple cup of tea

How difficult can it be

Some quintessential requirements to see

How my survival can be enhanced to the T


One lady plucking leaves in the tea gardens of Ooty

Working hard day and night to provide for the family

The owner, a gentleman in his forties or fifties quite likely

Staying away from wife and children who live in the city


The leaves arrive mixed up and merry in the local factory

Where workers live for those ten-minute lunch breaks verily

Chaff and sieve and carry and heave until leaves become dusty

The workplace now wakes up to aromas that are simply heavenly


Trucks and loaders lories and drivers are set off hurriedly

Reaching the corners of the world is not a task carried out timidly

Trifling shops and giant malls with distributors acting high-handedly

Get their share of goods and get down to display the charming variety


I buy it off the shelf storing it in air-tight containers I got for free

Now all I need is some milk, a stove, a lighter, a utensil, a cup and some sorcery

Which have all come from a similar route of workers toiling hardily

So that I can sit back and enjoy in peace my daily cup of morning tea!


We take so much for granted. We don’t have time to grasp the whole story

Things at your table have compelling back stories about their trajectory

Surely some gratitude must replace any attitude we harbor so effortlessly

Little details beg for reference, how much more fortunate can we be?

Enough or not


We wake up each morning we have no clue

When our time will be up and the Reaper is due

Our day is perpetually crammed with things to do

Fixated on our own significance we huff and we puff

At which point will we stop and say enough!


We count our moneys more often than our blessings

We hoard much more than we need it’s embarrassing

No sight of the finish line and still we are racing

There is always this feeling the going is rough

At which point will we stop and say enough!


We live in lavish spaces built by homeless laborers

We wish to impress our invitees in return of favors

Our bubble is rock solid our illusions are our protectors

We then have audacity to call this existence tough

At which point will we stop and say enough!


We play politics in the garb of social skills

We manipulate people and stockpile the frills

We mourn our dead hoping to fine-tune their wills

We can’t find courage to call off our own bluff

At which point will we stop and say enough!


We work hard at social networking to gain fame

The sheer effort we put in to elevate our name

For our faults we always find someone else to blame

We are expending precious time for this stuff

At which point will we stop and say enough!


The heart may break but the vision will be fixed

You don’t know what to feel the feelings will be mixed

Hope for a better tomorrow must replace the rage

Today it is time to turn the page


Feelings will expire and hurts will heal

Hope is a weapon that teaches you how to deal

The hardest battles are given to the strongest soldier

Fortitude is beauty in the eye of the beholder


Love yourself enough to know what you deserve

Trials and tribulations will transpire keep hope in reserve

The real smile is the one that has struggled through tears

Real strength comes when you learn to overcome your fears


Wired for struggle frail and fallible and your path is uphill

Like a bird that senses dawn and starts singing while it’s dark still

A heart full of hope will lend strength to survive and regenerate

Let your choices reflect your hope and your worries will relegate


Celebrate the past and cherry pick the wisdom you have gained

Everything will teach you something the happiness and the pain

Dig deeper you will find within you stuff to maneuver each bend

Some of the best moments of your life haven’t even yet happened

In the corner

In the corner of my heart lie some wishes unexplored

Some the senses will not allow some I just cannot afford

Yet they refuse to go away like old tenants with régime rights

Sometimes I let them tempt me sometimes there ensue fights


In the corner of my mind lie some deliberations unsaid

Some are sedate and steady some play havoc in my head

Yet they rebel with my reason whenever I talk them down

Sometimes it makes me smile sometimes it makes me frown


In the corner of my room some treasures hide in plain sight

Some are steeped in nostalgia some make the room a blight

Yet they continue to be there I cannot throw them away

Sometimes they dawdle quietly sometimes they come in the way


In the corner of my eye some tears have been there for a while

Some are prone to betrayal some camouflage well as a smile

Yet they keep me alive (and sniffing) with sentiment on display

Sometimes they trigger ache sometimes they teach me to pray


In the corner of my soul some prayers are left unattended

Some I keep hesitating about some procrastination is unintended

Yet they are there always offering support and succor

Sometimes I feel invincible sometimes minion and meagre


In the corner of my heaven are some invisible helping hands

Some actively stand up for me some silently back my plans

Yet I have not expressed gratitude enough for all said and done

Sometimes I while away my time sometimes my resolve comes undone


A little more giving for everyone

A little more forgiving for a wrong done

I don’t know whether it is time or age

But experience has certainly made me sage


A little more empathy can go very far

A little more compassion is need of the hour

I know it is easier said than done

But if it was easy where is the fun?


A little more learning of brand new skills

A little more rising above run-of-the-mills

I try to balance tradition with trend

But I have ways which I have to mend


A little more thinking before speaking up

A little more useful a little less gupshup

I need not attempt to be God of small things

But it gives me a high even if I can’t grow wings


A little more love to keep the conscience clear

A little more courage to keep away all fear

I get intimidated by expectations of societies

But I must learn to defend my personal priorities





Incomplete without You

I am but one. I have many emotions

Ideas teeming in the head. Several notions

My palate is full. Different portions

My lineage is impressive. Enough relations

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


How much I accomplish. How much I achieve

How much I give and how much I receive

How the world sees me and what I perceive

Some experiences give me hope. Some deceive

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


So many struggles to gain success

So many pains to increase happiness

So many new thoughts to reflect and embrace

So many dreams to fulfil and witness

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


In the face of adversities, I look up for defense

I sometimes find you watching me, sitting on the fence

I feel betrayed but I never give up. I stay tense

I begin to believe I will not need you hence

And yet. Yet I am so incomplete without You


Until slowly I realize. How you let me be on my own

I reach for the skies for another dawn. Over the horizon

With each new act a seed is sown. A confidence grown

Even as I am thrown out of my comfort zone

You are the essence. I am complete without You. In You

A home

Our search for a home led us to several houses

There were walls which spoke of joyful carouses

The element we were looking for was invisible still

The warmth and the welcome came with a hefty bill


Everywhere we looked there were undisclosed clauses

Trust lost its way somehow through indeterminate pauses

Betrayed by such little things we often hold on to

I cannot consent to your petty sphere even if I want to


I am searching for conversations over a cuppa chai

In times when WhatsApp runs every topic and emotion dry

I am looking for peace and quiet in neighborhoods neat and  clean

I am looking for 1989 I think, in 2019


Scribblings on walls which speak of carefree childhoods

Pillow fights on soft mattresses even in parenthoods

When sounds of laughter numbed noises of aches and pains

Small spaces were no constrains when love ran in the veins


Now the world has grown up. We are still where we were

We look out for quaint emotions and affections so sheer

The place we are looking for need not have many a room

Just some skill and sensitivity to turn a house into a home




We are scared of so many things

Society and what the world will say

Idols, if you have forgotten to pray

Herds when you have not joined the fray

What about songs that brighten up a sky so gray

Sshh…quieten the heart that sings


We are vexed with so many things

Expectations that have fallen short

Plans that you had to abort

Non-issues you continue to court

Issues that you refuse to sort

Looking away from all that life brings


We are lusting after so many things

Comforts and clout and material wealth

Cunning and craftiness guile and stealth

Superfluous control over cards already dealt

Often at the cost of our own health

Ignoring the familiar bell that rings


We are fuming over so many things

Mad traffic bad parking poor civic sense

Ego trips beefed up bodies minds so dense

No empathy no sympathy no common sense

“It’s my life” is the lame defense

Just let go of all that to which one clings



We are running after the wrong things

Our wants are many our needs are few

From Pharaohs and Kings, we can take cue

What you amass is what you will rue

Debt ridden lives have to pay their due

The lighter you are the more potent the wings



We are given a life to set right all things

Be agreeable be honest be simple be kind

To the fault of others simply turn blind

No grouse no complaints no axe to grind

Endeavor to find some peace of mind

Romance with being don’t flirt with flings!




With a unique irreplaceable irreparable advantage

Attachment you choose to pursue has a point of vantage

Affiliation you are born with is based on providence

Friendship on the other hand shapes the destiny it runs


Bonding brings joy so distinct you cannot quite compare

With regular run of the mill pretention you so often despair

Warm inside and lost outside long after you have parted

Like you have left behind your soul and have to be carted


Yet this sense of deep attachment can be rather scary

I don’t attempt to make new friends because I am wary

Letting someone in your world investing feelings in the wake

Leaves you rather vulnerable, susceptible to intangible ache


Treat my passion with tenderness tread softly on my dreams

Raw emotion has jagged textures bursting at the seams

Do not belittle my simple yearning naïve though it may be

Every smile has a price to pay no sentiment comes for free


Goodbyes are hardest, parting is never fun
Yet each and every one of us is always on the run.
We meet, we love, we gain, and we give and forgive
Then somewhere down the line, we forget to live.

Commitments. Appointments. Beating the rush hour traffic
Carefully laid out business strategies, future plans are graphic
But when it comes to relationships, we tend to procrastinate
Tomorrow never comes; just memories to ruminate. Continue reading “Goodbyes”