I borrowed some time from time itself it was affordable

Until I realized I must use it up fast time is not refundable

Life was smooth on auto pilot mode I relished the comfort zone

Until time overtook my strides I recalled my time was on loan

I sought direction and quickly learnt it needed suitable intention

To prioritize my schedule or schedule my priorities that was the question


I rented some breaths from life itself it was reasonable

Until I realized how precious it was each breath could be final

Progression was smooth without thought or mood suffused in it

Until each instance that passed by was slackening me bit by bit

I sought direction once again anticipating divine intervention

To wait in the wings or to make it happen that was the question


I chartered some paths from the journey itself it was practical

Until I realized I must own my choices trajectories are unpredictable

The roads were uneven yet eventless even as I maneuvered with calm

Until I grasped I was missing out on the excitement and charm

I sought direction from within this time giving my feelings attention

To be brave and conscientious both or pick easy that was the question


I leased some emotions from the heart itself it was sensible

Until I realized I still hurt easily spirit and soul are vulnerable

Passions and desires were synchronized with composure

Until I faced the real world and was affected by the exposure

I sought direction from pundits and professionals for prevention

To stay soft in the head or harden the heart that was the question



The search

I sat down one day to rearrange my many stray thoughts

There was one strain in common I realized as I linked the dots

They all led me away from regular routines and humdrum

They only gave me pointers never solved my conundrum


No single point to start no definite road to freedom

The fog on the roadmap stopped me from claiming fiefdom

I trudged along the mindscape in search of divine direction

When all I had to do was introspection instead of inaction


Some stray ones wandered away into the overthinking zone

Some thoughts did not belong I had mustered them on loan

Being me was not easy I was this assortment of prejudices

Honed by public opinions and rulings cognizance was in crisis


The backlog pressed and pushed for place now it was time

To sift old ideas out of the head and keep the ones sublime

This minimalism would lead to paucity of thought I suspected

But discarding old beliefs benefitted my space was now respected


The thoughts realigned themselves once I sorted my sentiments

The sentiments then infused some courage in my rearmaments

My search itself was my answer my reactions sought redressal

Each thought was gaining in strength too formidable to fizzle

Thoughts stray


Be both. Soft and strong

A soft heart in a cruel world is courage

Not failing


A strong mind echoes a strong attitude

And attitudes are contagious.

Make yours worth catching


Someday someone may break you so badly

You become unbreakable

Keep pains brisk


The more you accrue the lesser your steadiness

Pray to stay grounded

Abundance is a risk


If it is out of your hands keep it out of your mind

Drop the extra baggage

Passions can be cumbrous


The moon makes waves simply by being itself

Don’t compromise on individuality

Pleasing the world is perilous


You can become bitter. Or you can become better

There is purpose in your pain

Decide with wisdom


Who you let in and who you keep out is a choice

No pressure should alter that

Your intellect is your fiefdom



I still remember

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now

I tend to take them for granted today then I used to wonder how

I would achieve aims and goals I did not even dare to dream

I would stitch each dream with hope and expectation at the seam


I still remember my search for happiness led me to amassing

I stopped for a breather and realized this pleasure was passing

I now know it’s not happy people who are thankful

I now know its thankful people who are happy and cool


I still remember the people who came in my life for a reason

I believe their presence helped me learn with each changing season

I treasured some I respected some others taught me bitter lessons

I can look back today and forgive. With each forgiving the pain lessens


I still remember shared laughter over a hot cup of coffee with friends

I still recall those days of sheer craziness those nights without ends

I realize recollection is selective and chooses to filter unpleasant retentions

I learn from a wrong turn and then I simply shun those avoidable tensions


I still remember how time weaved its way through moments and memories

I did not want it to leave my timepiece it moved on like the breeze

I slowly learnt how passage of time brushes pains and gains along the way

I don’t want to spoil the ending for you but everything is going to be okay


thank you




Quarantine false beliefs. Preconceived notions without basis.

Bigotries. Intolerance. Prejudices.

They are like virus flowing freely in your blood

They contaminate the intellect when they really should

Be dissected and driven away from polluting the mind

All you will need after that is to be humane and to be kind


Quarantine negativity. Anything that destroys hope and optimism.

Disapproval. Deterrence. Pessimism.

They are like bacteria which destroy immunity

Hopefulness keeps alive courage and confidence keep it priority

Sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling in place

Sometimes you need to bide your time with patience and with grace


Quarantine gossip. Natter can be noxious.

Malarkey. Maliciousness. Obnoxious.

They are like germs which keep you unhealthy

A mind which does not speak ill of others is healthy

Remember those who gossip to you will also gossip about you

Empty talk can hurt sometimes keep silent and you will not rue


Quarantine covetousness. Greed can destroy.

Dangerous. Self-centered. A ploy

They are like microbes which seep inside the psyche

Permeating your very being. Generosity is the key

Giving only multiplies your joys taking nothing away

Forgiving divides all your miseries schooling you to pray


Quarantine grief. Do not dwell on your sadness

Heartaches. Despair. Unhappiness.

They are like bugs that crash your life-force

Affecting your moods attitudes choices and course

Look around you a bountiful nature provides the clues

Let azure skies take care of your blues


Quarantine doubt. Nothing good came off distrust

Suspicion. Skepticism. Mistrust.

They are like a disease which roams the mindscapes

Carefully treading on happy unaffected landscapes

And planting a painful review

Don’t give it attention that is not due





Thoughts left half way

These thoughts are like floaters

They keep coming in the way

They start off in one place

Then dominate my day

I attempt to bypass them

But they have their say

My mind is their forecourt

Where they come out and play

Some urge me to act upon them

Some simply go away

Some linger in the memory

Some I cut off mid-way

Sometimes I don them in words

In lyrical quintessence, they lay

Sometimes I just don’t pay attention

Leaving them half way


These thoughts don’t give me space

My mind is in disarray

Unorganized and ruled by heart

Logic and sentiment sway

Like a pendulum my mood swings

I tumble in areas gray

The good ones transform into design

The wrong ones are kept at bay

This deliberation takes its toll

My very own persona I flay

When I can make them rise high

For to catch a sun ray

My disposition will change for the better

My temperament bright and gay

How to control these mischief mongers

Thoughts which I abandoned half way

Reflection seeking celestial intervention

I need to go down on my knees and pray




Hope is a forever thing it cannot cannot die

Hold it close and swear by it you will come around by and by

One day melts into twilight another dawn prepares to take on

Deep dark nights wither away at the brawny shine of morn


Love is a forever thing you never ever say goodbye

Hold it close and swear by it you will believe in its strength by and by

Let it reign unconditional keep it free of expectations

Returns are bonus not the fee beyond recognition or reciprocations


Smiles are a forever thing it should never be replaced by a sigh

Hold it close and swear by it you will agree to its charm by and by

It dispels shadowy moods depressed looks and skepticism

It lets you look at the kaleidoscope of life through a tinted prism


Ideals are a forever thing even if they are so hard to come by

Hold them close and swear by it you will acquire courage by and by

There are moralities with fringes neatly circumventing the line

You will have to walk the mile alone hard-wearing on a land mine

Busyness as usual

Busy lines like freeways crisscrossing each hand

Determining the trajectory of where life will land

Sometimes I clench my fist and change its course

Sometimes going with the flow is my only recourse


Busy thoughts traversing the mindscape in a scurry

Adding pressure to accomplish to do lists in a hurry

Sometimes I plant new ideas in the mind to germinate

Most dash into expectations along the way and terminate


Busy dreams consciously scampering past practicalities

They know if they dare to breathe they become realities

Sometimes I endeavor to bring one of them to life

Sometimes I sell them cheaply to balance the strife


Busy emotions sorting confusions avoiding Machiavelli

Everybody seeks them out they can’t be available for free

Sometimes I let them out from the confines to explore

Sometimes they come back badly injured at the core


Busy memories attempting to recall several tiny details

Putting the color of saying to events when all else fails

Sometimes I can recall the best of them unambiguously

Sometimes I leave out the unpleasant ones quietly


Busy fingers grasping thin air relations testing their mettle

Tactics and tricks that people play take proportions of a battle

Sometimes I catch the straws and try to make a castle

Sometimes the wind is not so kind and spoils my tassel


Busy stories trying to find a buyer a dreamer a reality

Made up in somebody’s imagination challenging sanity

Sometimes I look back on mine and wonder if its authentic

Sometimes I wonder whose story it was that did the trick



We are scared of so many things

Society and what the world will say

Idols, if you have forgotten to pray

Herds when you have not joined the fray

What about songs that brighten up a sky so gray

Sshh…quieten the heart that sings


We are vexed with so many things

Expectations that have fallen short

Plans that you had to abort

Non-issues you continue to court

Issues that you refuse to sort

Looking away from all that life brings


We are lusting after so many things

Comforts and clout and material wealth

Cunning and craftiness guile and stealth

Superfluous control over cards already dealt

Often at the cost of our own health

Ignoring the familiar bell that rings


We are fuming over so many things

Mad traffic bad parking poor civic sense

Ego trips beefed up bodies minds so dense

No empathy no sympathy no common sense

“It’s my life” is the lame defense

Just let go of all that to which one clings



We are running after the wrong things

Our wants are many our needs are few

From Pharaohs and Kings, we can take cue

What you amass is what you will rue

Debt ridden lives have to pay their due

The lighter you are the more potent the wings



We are given a life to set right all things

Be agreeable be honest be simple be kind

To the fault of others simply turn blind

No grouse no complaints no axe to grind

Endeavor to find some peace of mind

Romance with being don’t flirt with flings!


I seek…

I seek stillness in a world of chaos

I seek tranquility in the midst of force

I close my eyes and picture a creation

Born out of the very chaos. On collision course


I seek honesty in a world of fraud

I seek peace amidst friction and discord

I open my eyes to an altered reality

Minds are narrow curiosities are broad


I seek happiness in a world of stealth

I seek bliss in abstractions which can be felt

I blink my eyes and the reverie is broken

Character certificates are given on basis of wealth


I seek succor in a world of insensitivity

I seek friendship with true moods in captivity

I wipe my eyes when the tears swell up

You are not allowed to exhibit emotional activity


I seek bonding in a world which has no time

I seek substance in promises that don’t cost a dime

I rub my eyes in hope of a clearer vision

This deep rooted unstated emptiness sublime