I borrowed some time from time itself it was affordable

Until I realized I must use it up fast time is not refundable

Life was smooth on auto pilot mode I relished the comfort zone

Until time overtook my strides I recalled my time was on loan

I sought direction and quickly learnt it needed suitable intention

To prioritize my schedule or schedule my priorities that was the question


I rented some breaths from life itself it was reasonable

Until I realized how precious it was each breath could be final

Progression was smooth without thought or mood suffused in it

Until each instance that passed by was slackening me bit by bit

I sought direction once again anticipating divine intervention

To wait in the wings or to make it happen that was the question


I chartered some paths from the journey itself it was practical

Until I realized I must own my choices trajectories are unpredictable

The roads were uneven yet eventless even as I maneuvered with calm

Until I grasped I was missing out on the excitement and charm

I sought direction from within this time giving my feelings attention

To be brave and conscientious both or pick easy that was the question


I leased some emotions from the heart itself it was sensible

Until I realized I still hurt easily spirit and soul are vulnerable

Passions and desires were synchronized with composure

Until I faced the real world and was affected by the exposure

I sought direction from pundits and professionals for prevention

To stay soft in the head or harden the heart that was the question



A simple cup of tea


A simple cup of tea

How difficult can it be

Some quintessential requirements to see

How my survival can be enhanced to the T


One lady plucking leaves in the tea gardens of Ooty

Working hard day and night to provide for the family

The owner, a gentleman in his forties or fifties quite likely

Staying away from wife and children who live in the city


The leaves arrive mixed up and merry in the local factory

Where workers live for those ten-minute lunch breaks verily

Chaff and sieve and carry and heave until leaves become dusty

The workplace now wakes up to aromas that are simply heavenly


Trucks and loaders lories and drivers are set off hurriedly

Reaching the corners of the world is not a task carried out timidly

Trifling shops and giant malls with distributors acting high-handedly

Get their share of goods and get down to display the charming variety


I buy it off the shelf storing it in air-tight containers I got for free

Now all I need is some milk, a stove, a lighter, a utensil, a cup and some sorcery

Which have all come from a similar route of workers toiling hardily

So that I can sit back and enjoy in peace my daily cup of morning tea!


We take so much for granted. We don’t have time to grasp the whole story

Things at your table have compelling back stories about their trajectory

Surely some gratitude must replace any attitude we harbor so effortlessly

Little details beg for reference, how much more fortunate can we be?


A follow up to the previous trajectory….



I took the road less travelled with trepidation and doubt

The few people I met on the way didn’t know their way about

Whenever our meagre tribe grew some our choices seemed validated

The multitude stayed unimpressed our justifications inundated


The tunnel was long and dark the road was rough and unclear

At times we were fueled with hope at times we were ruled by fear

Whenever our meagre tribe faltered our doubts came back to haunt us

The multitude stayed indifferent our truths were regarded a fuss


Something nonetheless kept us going a deep-seated trust in our heart

Honest intentions can’t go awry at least we had a head start

Whenever our meagre tribe lost hope our attitude gave us strength

The multitude may not back us enough we had to go the length


And then I felt the apricity the warmth of the sun in winter

The end of the tunnel was nearer the path more level and clearer

Whenever our meagre tribe silently smiles we know we have reached

The goal may be further nevertheless the chasm has been breached

The many roads

The road to success was busy bustling with activity

So many hopefuls thronged the path flaunting ability

I stood quietly in a corner seeking my place under the sun

I did not have the confidence to brandish the laurels won


The road to accomplishments was busy brimming with glories

So many successful people eager to pronounce their stories

I stood quietly in a corner clearly inept at maneuvering

I did not have the dexterity to harness the skills of marketing


The road to recognition was busy flooded with competition

So many contenders owned the place not needing invitation

I stood quietly in a corner this was just not my scene

I did not have the coolness quotient I was just not as keen


The road to trendy setups was busy inundated with wannabes

So many Page 3 candidates depending upon forced serendipity

I stood quietly in a corner I was haplessly out of place

I did not have the burning desire to become a rat in this race


The road to happiness was relatively quiet and peaceful

So many thronged the former gates here there were but a handful

I stood quietly in a corner there were sundry others like me

I did not have to panic or rush I felt relaxed and free


The road to contentment was far less congested

So many highfliers and frontrunners did not feel invested

I stood quietly in a corner contemplating on a lifetime

I did not have those accolades I just had some memories sublime

The race and the blinkers

Like pedigreed racehorses who never slacken pace

Put your blinkers on if you wish to win the race

You must learn how to disregard rude interruptions

You must simply go past the digressions and disruptions


The race is hardcore and competition will only get stiff

Keeping tab of another’s progress may lead you to the cliff

Keep your blinkers on to ignore faults and follies of another

Keep your temper bridled don’t let witlessness bother


Some participators are in it for the power and prestige

Some run the race with a mindset in place to hold siege

Lucifer is also running alongside and sprints in style

A little doubt here and there his style is to beguile


The guardians of society will have lots of advice

Noteworthy or flippant each advice has a price

Sometimes well-intentioned it is not always on course

Sometimes it is clothed in cashmere yet rather coarse


Your blinkers will be handy on rough bumpy racetracks

You can make up with perseverance where the skill lacks

If the tortoise can take on the hare in a race that is unfair

Then you can combat odds without fear of how you will fare


Yes you are perchance deprived of a wider world view

While others race with eyes wide shut there are some like you

Who acknowledge blinkers as part of the gear to run the race

Partial vision total concentration because it’s a steeplechase


The less you are affected by those running side by side

The less you overhear opinions prejudices and remarks snide

You eliminate the burden of expectations to win at any cost

Sheer gut and clear conscience and you will never get lost

Milder exchanges


In the wilderness of concrete jungles I am searching

For some milder conversations

Where the eyes have less frostiness less apathy

Hopes are not dented by frustrations

And man can relate with man

No superfluities addons or trappings and no deceptions


In the rushing past the rush hour crowds I am reaching

Out for some stress-free interactions

Where time is invested in sound ventures and adventures

Giving me rich returns and tractions

With spare moments at right intervals as profit

Taking me down less trodden roads filled with contemplations


In the hope of finding warmth in harsh sceneries I chase

Sunsets breaking up seamless skies of hatred

Where frailties sometimes rout routine cruelties

I don’t have to repair memories I dread

Then affection is not mixed up with affectation

Dreams don’t get crushed where I tread


In a world full of synthetic likes and dislikes I am scouring

For some authenticity and care

Where the heart has less frigidity less bite

And the spirit has enough courage to dare

Away from prejudices gossips pettiness and hurt

Just a little more compassion a little more aware


I am changing every day I don’t even realize

Little learnings add to my repertoire making me wise

I cherry pick the lessons because some are awkward and hurt

I sometimes skip the schooling and keep my reactions curt

Yet at the end of each beginning I have made an impression

So many times I wish I could rewrite the script for each session


The world is changing every day and it’s not just somatic

Some changes are so subtle they almost seem automatic

I see the people around me change conduct and character

I sometimes miss the indicators and gatecrash the barrier

Yet at the end of each beginning I have learnt to be wary

So many times I wish I could expel the emotional baggage I carry


Relations are changing everyday heart and mind are fine-tuning

Some require care to nurture some need patience and pruning

I try to sharpen my social skills so as not cause upsets

I sometimes fail at keeping up now gadgets govern mindsets

Yet at the end of each beginning I have some take aways

So many times I wish I could be forgiven for having feet of clay

Things I should have….

The lessons I should have learnt

The keepsakes I should have burnt

The attitudes I should have preserved

The responses I should have deserved

The emotions I should have erased

The baggage I should have shed with every phase

The people I should have treasured

The value of things I should have measured

I am standing at crossroads looking at the skies

I am appraising a lifetime and time just flies


The aptitudes I should have learnt

The behaviors I should have burnt

The traditions I should have preserved

The approvals I should have deserved

The pessimisms I should have erased

The assurance I should have acquired with every phase

The memories I should have treasured

The worth of relations I should have measured

I am looking back with some qualm some wisdom

I am looking forward to a well-informed freedom


The balances I should have learnt

The reluctances I should have burnt

The confidence I should have preserved

The direction I should have deserved

The cynicism I should have erased

The faith I should have gained with every phase

The genuineness I should have treasured

The merit of truth I should have measured

I am walking with the multitude and I am alone

I am dwelling on my solitude setting a new tone


The languages I should have learnt

The verbiage I should have burnt

The nuances I should have preserved

The understandings I should have deserved

The arrogances I should have erased

The bent I should have added with every phase

The mystique I should have treasured

The quality of life I should have measured

I am alive stumbling recovering hurting and healing

I am work in progress filled with familiarities and feeling

One direction

sometimes you need to get lost to discover direction

sometimes you need to lie low before taking any action

that quiet thought hidden deep in the recess of your mind

that compelling emotion embedded in the heart unsigned

perhaps you must heed to it and not believe it to be distraction


sometimes what you choose is different it does not mean you are lost

sometimes your dreams are high-priced they will come at a cost

that quiet confidence you have mustered in situations challenging

that untapped strength you never thought you had is there in waiting

perhaps you must rely on yourself and not expect others to play host


sometimes a peculiar mix of directions lost and found are at play

sometimes the timing is not tailored approaches clutter the way

that need for discipline and patience must be pondered upon

that realization that after each darkness filled storm there is a dawn

perhaps you must calmly wait for sunshine so to catch a ray


sometimes dreams are shattered and directions can go awry

sometimes wishes stay unfulfilled you cannot embellish your story

that determination to fight the odds when odds are stacked up

that power of each prayer when nerve and mood are racked up

perhaps you must learn to trust in God and stop feeling sorry

Every now and then

every now and then I look out of the window

some things have changed though

colors of the leaves and leaves on the trees

a lack of bees

the fillip in the step of the laborer

the edge in the voices crying out ‘sir!’

dearth of understanding and sympathy

a lack of empathy

the number of sedans racing past without guilt

the number of failed missions on which it was built

an empire that keeps growing

a lack of knowing

each bubble so different from the rest

some blown to tithers some riding on the crest

the window sometimes belies expectations

a lack of seditions

perhaps I am looking for something else each time

perhaps there is message hidden in changes sublime

my mind cannot measure what my eyes perceive

a lack of belief



every now and then when I visit family and friends

the social loop is a circle that never ends

they also change it dawned upon me

a lack of ingenuity

the beguiling smiles that hide real feeling

the warm wishes I trust and then I am left reeling

when things that are said are not as they are meant

a lack of intent

some time back I think I had greater control

on things that I said and things I was told

now superfluity of lexes creates a maze

a lack of unfaze

contexts are dynamic relationships are static

medias intrude with a list of goals to tick

I no longer feel I want to be part of the race

a lack of pace

the open door sweeps past some windy allegations

the spirit often requires some major restorations

I return home with world views cluttered

a lack of filters