I borrowed some time from time itself it was affordable

Until I realized I must use it up fast time is not refundable

Life was smooth on auto pilot mode I relished the comfort zone

Until time overtook my strides I recalled my time was on loan

I sought direction and quickly learnt it needed suitable intention

To prioritize my schedule or schedule my priorities that was the question


I rented some breaths from life itself it was reasonable

Until I realized how precious it was each breath could be final

Progression was smooth without thought or mood suffused in it

Until each instance that passed by was slackening me bit by bit

I sought direction once again anticipating divine intervention

To wait in the wings or to make it happen that was the question


I chartered some paths from the journey itself it was practical

Until I realized I must own my choices trajectories are unpredictable

The roads were uneven yet eventless even as I maneuvered with calm

Until I grasped I was missing out on the excitement and charm

I sought direction from within this time giving my feelings attention

To be brave and conscientious both or pick easy that was the question


I leased some emotions from the heart itself it was sensible

Until I realized I still hurt easily spirit and soul are vulnerable

Passions and desires were synchronized with composure

Until I faced the real world and was affected by the exposure

I sought direction from pundits and professionals for prevention

To stay soft in the head or harden the heart that was the question



Take it easy

The foot is on the pedal the sprint is unbroken

Clamoring for action even before the word is spoken

This steeplechase is slowly making me a bit queasy

I wish I could step off the treadmill and take it a little easy

Life is racing past even as I ace the rat race

I want to breathe in the scenery I wish to cut off the pace


The expectancies are higher the performances contrived

Social pressures are replacing simple pleasures I derived

This constant need to keep update with trends and crazes

I wish I could ignore it all the criticisms and the praises

Life is racing past even as I stop for a respite

Did we really opt for this existence this state is so contrite


This rainbow is a mirage capturing colored desires in a prism

I call it crafty marketing they call it capitalism

Jargon is clervely whitewashed and packaged in gold

Someone somewhere decides my needs and lo! I am sold

Life is racing past even as I recall indulgences that had no cost

Now at every turn of the road hoarders and hoardings accost


Where am I heading the shaft is speeding towards a dead-end

The ones who hold my being for ransom select each trend

I am lured into a life of a lifetime eyes blinded by the bright light

The shine is Lucifer’s hallmark I am actually hurtling towards night

Life is racing past even as I try to hit pause button with all my might

There is no giving up now or ever. There will be a way to set it right

De Frost

the road less trodden sometimes has a hairpin bend

there is prejudice preemption and precaution to tend

the risks may give a rush to the adrenalin

the daring may give a push to help you win

and then there is responsibility and consequence to fend


stopping by woods on a snowy evening may sound romantic

wolves in the hiding also hope it’s the option you pick

the adventure may give new ideas in the head

the bravura may save you from being dead

and then there is ability to fight your battles with a stick


acquainted with the night helps your eyes adjust to darkness

the light at the end of the tunnel is blinding with its starkness

the journey may teach you how to handle strife

the self-assurance may be the very key to life

and then there is inner strength and ingenuities to harness


nothing gold can stay save the love for it which never goes away

we are as perishable as the things we run after and still we sway

the trajectory may take us to the pyramid

with confidence we are cleverer the Pharoah was a kid

and then there is a friable human racing to catch each golden ray


by mending walls we mark our territories much like animals

we assume we are smarter than them yet follow the same principles

once a gatherer always a gatherer with some time on loan

why do we keep forgetting a simple fact we too are pre-owned

and then there is a willful witlessness and genuine belief in fairy tales


Words made noise. Emotion caused chaos. Beliefs floated

At least I had my silence I thought. My silences were misquoted

I am learning life lessons because learning must be my mission

A mistake repeated more than once is not a mistake. It’s a decision

Now I know I must make way and leave from where I am not wanted

What I allow is what will continue. I had allowed to be taken for granted


Paint was splattered. Hues were darkened. The spotlight shifted

At least I had my authenticity I felt. My truths were shoplifted

I am changing attitudes and affinities because attitudes raise the bar

Your attitude is like a price tag. It shows how valuable you are

Not everyone deserves to know the real me. So many verdicts are spam

My happiness cannot rely on your judgement. Criticize who you think I am


People changed. Things ended. Life still goes on

Every night drowned in darkness is always followed by dawn

The world had me believe emotions and opinions must be given vent

As I mature I realize so many things don’t really need my comment

A lifetime isn’t as long as you think. Take a moment and let that sink

Between your choices and your culpabilities there is always a link


The moment I come to believe I am cleverer than you

Is the moment I stop learning accomplishing and taking cue

Humility is the ability to give up pride not dignity

With humility comes wisdom and with wisdom spirituality


The arrogant need to announce their capabilities and skill

It is the humble man’s shoes which will be large to fill

Humility is when you don’t need appreciation from everyone

With humility comes grace and with grace a special fiefdom


As you age you realize how much time was wasted on impressions

Crowds are but impossible to please leading to apprehensions

Holding on to grudges and judgments make you proud not kind

With humility comes strength and with strength a peace of mind


How others choose to treat you is not something you can control

How you choose to respond however is well within your hold

If you are humble nothing can affect you praise or disdain

With humility comes a calm and with calm you master pain


The handbook of life will be filled with memories time will fly

The concluding chapter will only include who will cry when you die

Staying true in the dark and humble in the spotlight will unveil

With humility comes gratitude and with gratitude there is no fail

Twilight Zones

A few white lies if they are infused in my truths

Will they make my moods and personality uncouth?

Masked in civilities if I pass off unscrupulousness

Will peoples turn a blind eye to the casual callousness?


There are honesties to live by and deceits to sort

Long story short. If I choose right then wrong I must abort


A few oversights if they further my self-interest

Will it be fine to transgress the lines even if in jest?

Veiled in wealth and stealth if I flex my muscles

Will it rule in my favor if I have and win the tussle?


There are no grey zones there are no thin lines

Integrity is clear cut any which way one defines


A few issues discounted and brushed under my carpet

Will I dictate terms of endearment or will I remain puppet?

All sins are equal and some are more equal than others

Do I compare with the arrogance and iniquities of anothers?


There is no escape from defrayal of your registers and records

One life. One death. Deeds and misdeeds. Go calculate the odds





The outside world has its rules and learn you must

Dealing with different set of minds and constantly adjust

Lively conversations camouflage opaque intentions

Your fresh albeit raw approach may require reinventions


The outside world is a stage and face you must

The larger audience has little patience or time to trust

Maggots must mature and transform to catch attentions

Your splendor albeit inside out may not make impressions


The outside world is unforgiving and breathe you must

The judgements that breathe down your neck won’t be just

You must be fair and forgiving you must have compassion

Your naivety must counterpoise with absolute passion


The outside world is daunting and perform you must

Discover what you are born for don’t let that talent rust

Extroverts may walk away with the plaudits that’s recreation

Your perception and prudence will prove perfect combination


The outside world can leave you broken and rise you must

The phoenix does not bemoan its ashes it rises from the dust

One day you will leave behind attitudes that cause destruction

Your confidence and belief will heal the wounds for resurrection



Flow with it

The river is afraid to meet the sea

Its waters are sweet the sea is briny

The vastness of the sea stretching till infinity

Obscured behind a veil of impending mystery


The river wonders whether the sea will engulf me

Yet its flow is finishing it cannot flee

Its waters continue to rush with an inevitability

A path is chosen the textbook trajectory


Garnering courage it glides downriver gently

With faith to erode mountains gradually

A little patience a solid trust in capacity

It tumbles over all the terrain to meet the sea


Meeting the sea is part of a bigger decree

The merger is not meant as loss of identity

It is rather a reunion that sets the river free

For it does not just meet it becomes the sea


When you look at your life careering aimlessly

Take a deep breath and review it thoughtfully

Walking into unknowns where fear is the key

Can be overcome with firm belief in one’s ability


The past refuses recall despite your plea

The present is a matter of time and degree

The future remains open-handed and chancy

And choices are always viewed suspiciously


Like tranquil backwaters streaming silently

Making inroads in hills and valleys resolutely

You continue to move forward boundlessly

One day you will integrate with your destiny




Clinical is boring emotional is complicated

Free will is dangerous predestination is dated

Now where do I take this from here and how

The world in my head is filled with rumpuses and row


Relatives are virtual and friends are far away

Small talk is finished and intelligence has called it a day

Now who do I go to with my banter and my queries

The words in my conversation remain in my diaries


Material is mighty priceless is immaterial

Wealth is worshipped dreams are ethereal

Now why am I hankering to bargain happiness

The joys in my everyday are equated to a business


What is said is not meant what is meant rests unsaid

Fake news is thriving credibility is dead

Now what am I seeking from a planet full of platitude

The realism in my surreal surroundings is turning rude


Trust must be verified verifications cannot be trusted

Truth is having a tough time trustworthiness is rusted

Now how do I prove my mettle who will pay heed

The fairness in my dealings cannot overthrow greed


The sky is staying grey the mood is turning blue

When did the world change how the reveries flew

Now I have no more questions no more answers too

The colors in my dream are mixed up I have no clue




Sunshine nights and moonlit days

I have some unusual out of the box ways

I think upside down and make others frown

My pedigree must be reason I am rather brown

I visualize things in monochromatic frames

Only black and white no grey areas to tame


Rebel thoughts and some deeds to match

I have a side of me for which to keep out watch

I think inside out and then continue to overthink

Yet I take decisions before you can even blink

Logic and reason sometimes bump in the corridors

I still search for emotional quotients on all fours


My quirkiness does not need to put you off

Each one has idiosyncrasies they actually show off

I think back and forth before jumping to conclusion

And end up in utter silence upon realizing the confusion

The world outside can say one thing and mean another

I just cannot fathom how to take the barney further


Naivety is comfortable ignorance can be bliss at times

If being clever can mean conniving in hidden ways sublime

I think here and there still I cannot catch up

I delve deep into complications still I do not match up

I am struggling with phonology you have conquered slang

I guess I have accepted being oddball in the gang


I love art and artistry I admire and pen poetry

Ideas are my artilleries words are my inventory

They take me further away from real world training

For my cerebral healthiness they can be quite draining

I think therefore I am I totally agree with Descartes

To the point that it hurts I would rather be all heart